Chen Zhe Yuan
MaleCast,Singer1996-10-29Chinese Mainland
Chen Zhe Yuan is a Chinese actor born in Shenzhen, Guangdong province on October 29 in 1996. He graduated from Shenzhen University, major in Acting. In 2015, he has participated in the iQiyi talent show King of Pop. A year later, he starred as Duan Bowen in the web drama All About Secrets adapted from the novel of the same name by Rao Xueman. After that, he also participated in the urban light comedy She is Beautiful and the ancient costume mythical martial arts drama The Legend of Shushan 2. In 2017, he starred in a light sci-fi romantic comedy Dear fathers live. The next year, he starred as Xiao Yuer in the costumed martial arts drama Handsome Siblings adapted from Gu Long's novel.