Liang Jie
Also Known As: 点点
FemaleCast301994-06-16Gemini48kg166cmChinese Mainland
Born on June 16th, 1994, Liang Jie is an actress in Mainland China who graduated from the Central Academy of Drama. In 2014, she starred in the youth campus drama "Go! Goal! Fighting!" and entered the acting industry. After that, she also starred in the anti-war drama "My Name is Liu Chuan Shuo". In 2015, she starred in the anti-war drama "Catch Wolf". In 2016, she starred in the anti-war drama "The Flame of Youth" and the fantasy comedy "My Girlfriend's Boyfriend". In 2017, she starred in the period romance web drama "The Eternal Love" and gained more attention with her role as Qu Xiaotan. In 2018, she starred with Xing Zhaolin again in "The Eternal Love 2".