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“The White Olive Tree” is a war and military drama starring Chen Zheyuan (“Detective Chinatown 3”) and Liang Jie (“The Day of Becoming You”). This series is adapted from Jiu Yuexi’s novel of the same name. During an interview mission in the turbulent East Country, Liang City satellite TV’s female reporter Song Ran (played by Liang Jie) encounters danger. Fortunately, she is rescued by Li Zan (played by Chen Zheyuan), a Chinese explosive engineer who volunteers in the East Country. Li Zan's gentleness and childlike heart deeply attracts Song Ran. Through multiple interactions with Song Ran, Li Zan also realizes that though she appears weak on the outside, she’s actually brave and strong, with a heart filled with justice and kindness. With the same ideals and compatible souls, a spark of love ignites between the two. However, a sudden bombing attack puts a halt to this nascent relationship. After returning to China, both of them hit low points in their lives and even lose contact with each other. They are both suffering physically and mentally as Li Zan feels guilty and blames himself for the death of his friend who sacrificed his life to save him in the bombing attack, while Song Ran gets into a controversy due to a photo which she took during the bombing attack. By chance, they reunite and their lives gradually return to normal. Together, they plant the seeds of the white olive tree. This drama will be streaming exclusively on iQIYI International (iQ.com).
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