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“Men in Love” is an urban emotional drama directed by Elson Chang ("Moonlight"), and starring Hu Yitian ("A Love So Beautiful") and Liang Jie ("The Day of Becoming You"). By chance, the self-disciplined and diligent magazine editor-in-chief Ye Han (played by Hu Yitian) helps the clumsy but cute physical education teacher Li Xiaoxiao (played by Liang Jie) resolve one embarrassing crisis after another. But due to his past experiences, he finds it difficult to take things further with her into romance; The passionate and straightforward magazine publisher Xu Jiacheng (played by Dai Xu) meets the former top model Tong Yiwen (played by Sun Jialing), and the two constantly seek a balance in their pursuit of love and career; The relationships between the four become complex and subject to multiple tests due to Xiaoxiao's crush on Jiacheng. In the twists and turns, Ye Han embraces Xiaoxiao's crush and vulnerability, and Xiaoxiao helps Ye Han completely overcome his emotional trauma pertaining romantic relationships. Jiacheng and Yiwen also finally get together after prevailing over the adversities. Likewise, several other friends are also experiencing the hardships of life. The calm and down-to-earth lawyer Xu Yan (played by Liu Chang) has excellent professional abilities, but he never dares to face his relationship with the young and energetic Xu Jialin (played by Wu Qianying); The romantic café owner Lu Zheng (played by Li Dianzun) and his wife Guo Shengyun (played by Zhang Yao) have been married for many years, but in their seemingly beautiful marriage, there are also unknown troubles. After experiencing various challenges in their careers and relationships, and multiple separations and reunions, they ultimately gain their own happiness and deepen their bonds with each other. This drama will be streaming on iQIYI International (iQ.com).
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