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24 Episodes
Chinese MainlandRomanceFantasyComedyUrbanYouth


【Only VIPs are eligible to buy the Express Package (EP17-EP24), Express package is applicable to regions as below:Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines, Taiwan, United States, Canada, South Korea】 "Mr. Bad" is directed by Li Qingrong ("Go Go Squid"), starring Chen Zheyuan ("Our Secret") and Shen Yue ("Let's Shake It!") ), with special appearances by Dong Xuan ("With You"), Shao Feng ("Luxury"), and Wang Zijian ("A Love For Dilemma") in this hilarious romantic comedy. A young girl, Nan Xing (played by Shen Yue), who loves to write, accidentally summons the villain Xiao Wudi (played by Chen Zhe Yuan) from the novel she wrote when she makes a wish. The clever and cunning Xiao Wudi who just came to this world, threatened Nan Xing to allow him to stay in the apartment next to hers. The then start out on their love-hate relationship and daily lives that one would never find mundane. This drama will be broadcasted online on iQIYI's international site (
Episodes 1-24