Zeng Li
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Zeng Li, a mainland Chinese actress, graduated from the Acting Department of the Central Academy of Drama with a bachelor's degree of Class’96. She is known as the "Eight Golden Hairpins" of the Central Academy of Drama alongside Zhang Ziyi, Mei Ting, Yuan Quan, Qin Hailu, Hu Jing, Zhang Tong, and Li Min. After graduating from the Central Academy of Drama, she joined The Art Ensemble of the All-China Federation of Trade Unions. She has played important roles in "A Pinwheel Without Wind", "Dong Xi Qi Yu Jie Liang Yuan", "Jiangshan Weizhong", "Boy and Girl", "Gui Tu Ru Hong", "The Diary of Death", "Li Fa Shi" and “Shen Zhou”. Journey to fame: Zeng Li was born into an ordinary Manchu family in Jingzhou, Hubei, and her parents were both ordinary office workers. As a child, Zeng Li was mischievous and active, often participating in sports and literary activities. As soon as Zeng Li graduated from primary school, she was admitted into the National Academy of Chinese Theatre Arts, specializing in Tsing Yi. After studying for 7 years, she was assigned to work in the Hubei Provincial Peking Opera Company. Due to limited performance opportunities, she did not want to waste her time there. In her second year of work, she was exceptionally admitted to the Central Academy of Drama due to ranking third in the professional course, and began her acting career from then on.