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“Dark Night and Dawn” is a drama series directed by Huang Nan (“Going Across the Yalu River”) and Li Cai “Painted Skin: The Resurrection”. The main leads include Chen Zheyuan (“Detective Chinatown 3”), Nie Yuan (“Story of Yanxi Palace”), Xing Fei (“Put Your Head on My Shoulder”), and Annabel Yao (“Meet Yourself”). In 1943, a shocking explosion in Shanghai results in a confrontation between Communist Party undercover Lu Zhengyang (played by Nie Yuan) and former police officer Lin Shaobai (played by Chen Zheyuan), each flaunting their skills. Six years later, Shanghai is liberated, and Lu Zhengyang becomes a core member in the anti-espionage efforts of the Shanghai Public Security Bureau. Faced with severe retaliation in their anti-espionage efforts, with the support of his superior and strict screening, Lu Zhengyang boldly employs the former police officer Lin Shaobai, the "Shanghai Expert". The two team up and successively solve major cases such as the "Treasury Robbery", "Counterfeit Coin", and "Hidden Radio" planned by the veteran spy Zheng Lanting (played by Wang Zhiwen) of the Shanghai Secret Services’ Special Station, completely thwarting the conspiracy of the hidden enemy agents. Working on cases together, Lu Zhengyang and Lin Shaobai go from constant friction to gradually building trust, and eventually becoming comrades who live and die together. This drama will be streaming exclusively on iQIYI International (iQ.com).
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