Ju Jing Yi
FemaleCast,Singer1994-06-18159cmChinese Mainland
Ju Jing Yi, born on June 18th, 1994 in Suining, Sichuan, is a female pop singer and actress from Mainland China. On November 2nd, 2013, she officially debuted at the SNH48 Guangzhou Concert. On July 26th, 2014, she was ranked 4th in SNH48's 1st General Election. On July 25th, 2015, she was ranked 2nd in SNH48's 2nd General Election. In November, she participated in Hunan TV's variety show "Run for Time". In January 2016, she starred in the fantasy drama "Novoland: The Castle in the Sky". In June, she starred in the web drama "Detective Samoyeds". On July 30th, she ranked first in SNH48's 3rd General Election. In July 2017, she starred in the period drama "Legend of Yun Xi". On July 29th, she ranked first in SNH48's 4th General Election, becoming SNH48's first member to hold the position for a consecutive year. On November 10th, she starred in the period suspense drama "Please Give Me a Pair of Wings". On December 15th, she was promoted to the SNH48 Hall of Fame and established her own studio, officially flying solo.