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16 Episodes
16 Episodes


It is a romantic comedy that tells the story about a screenwriter who “does not date” and a romantic comedy queen actress who is “not good at dating” that live together.
My Roommate is a Gumiho (Thai Ver.)Backstreet Rookie(Thai Ver. )Jirisan (Thai Ver.)#cedoklifeRomance with Blind Master(Thai ver.)Love in Time (Thai ver.)Taste of Love(Thai ver.)Shining For One Thing (Thai. Ver)Fall In Love With A Scientist(Thai ver.)My Unicorn GirlHealing Food, Healing Love (Thai ver.)Bad and Crazy(Thai Ver.)Lesson in Love(TH ver)My Life as a Villain Character (Thai ver.)THE DAY OF BECOMING YOU(Thai Ver.)The sweetest secret(Thai ver.)My Lovely Wife(Thai ver.)Double Love (Thai. Ver)Since I Met U (Thai ver.)My Lethal Man (Thai. Ver)Mommy' s Counterattack(Thai. Ver)Just Spoil You(Thai ver.)Be my princess (TH ver.)Fairy From the PaintingPLOT LOVE (Thai Ver)Love Me Like I Do(TH ver.)Detective Chinatown 2MY STAND-IN (UNCUT)Detective ChinatownFox Spirit Matchmaker: Red-Moon Pact