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"Strange Tales of Tang Dynasty Season 2" is a period mystery detective drama directed by Bai Shan ("Strange Tales of Tang Dynasty"). Yang Xuwen ("Strange Tales of Tang Dynasty") and Yang Zhigang ("Strange Tales of Tang Dynasty") take on the lead roles in this ancient supernatural investigation unit. The series is adapted from the novel "Records of Strange Events in the Tang Dynasty" by author Wei Fenghua and is the second installment in the "Strange Tales of Tang Dynasty" series. Set in the year 712 AD during the reign of Emperor Ruizong of the Tang Dynasty, the grandeur of the Tang Dynasty continues, but beneath the prosperity, hidden dangers lurk, and a storm is brewing. Various forces are on the move, triggering frequent mysterious incidents among the common people. What kind of supernatural mysteries will Lu Lingfeng (played by Yang Xuwen) and Su Wuming (played by Yang Zhigang), the deputy minister of the Grand Court of Justice and the registrar of Qianling, encounter on their perilous journey? The road to the west is unpredictable. The series will be available for online streaming on iQIYI International (iQ.com).
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Episodes 1-12