Kang Min Hyuk,Kang Min-Hyuk,Kang MinHyuk
Also Known As: 姜珉赫, 강민혁
MaleCast, Singer321991-06-27Aries184cmSouth Korea
Kang Min Hyuk is the drummer of the popular South Korean band CNBLUE. He debuted with CNBLUE in 2010 with the song "I'm a Loner" and quickly became a hot new star in the Korean music industry with hits such as "Love", "Intuition", "Hey You", and "I'm Sorry". From 2010 to 2011, he appeared in the movie "Acoustic", and the dramas "It's Okay, Daddy's Girl" and "Heartstrings". In 2012, he played the role of Cha Se Gwang, the younger brother of the female lead Cha Yoon Hee, in the KBS weekend drama "My Husband Got a Family", and became popular due to the high ratings of the drama. In 2013, he played the role of Yoon Chan Young in SBS's "The Heirs".