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"Follow your heart" is a costume romance drama directed by Yu Zhongzhong ("Love is Sweet") and stars Luo Yunxi ("Ashes of Love") and Song Yi ("Joy of Life Season 1") as the lead actors. The series tells the romantic love story of Jiang Xinbai (played by Luo Yunxi), a cold and aloof prince suffering from face blindness who is determined to eliminate the "Zornia grass" from the world, and Yan Nanxing (played by Song Yi), a passionate female traveling doctor who "transforms" every month. Together, they journeyed through the martial world, experiencing a fated love. Through the process, Jiang Xinbai and Yan Nanxing, two strong yet lonely individuals, overcame numerous obstacles and jointly upheld justice. The show conveys the true meaning of love—that while appearances are important, they cannot surpass the connection of hearts. The series will be exclusively available for online streaming on iQIYI International (iq.com).
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