Leo Luo
Also Known As: 6王子, 66, 云熙少爷, 小6, 6神, 뤄원시, 라운희
MaleCast, Singer351988-07-28Leo57kg177cmChinese Mainland
Luo Yunxi (Leo), born on July 28th, 1988 in Chengdu, Sichuan, is a male singer and actor from Mainland China. He graduated from the College of Dance, Shanghai Theatre Academy. On December 27th, 2010, he debuted as a member of the group JBOY3 and released the single "Promise of Love". In 2012, JBOY3 was officially disbanded. On April 27th, Luo Yunxi and Fu Longfei formed the group Double JL and released the single "JL". In the same year, he also starred in the romance film "The Spring of My Life". In 2013, he starred in the inspirational youth series "Flip in Summer". In 2014, he played Guo Xin in the sci-fi series "Hello Aliens". In 2015, he came to prominence after appearing in the series "My Sunshine". In the same year, he also released an original single "Endless Summer". In 2016, he starred in the romance series "The Love of Happiness" and period web series "Fox in the Screen". In 2017, he voiced in "Dragon Force: So Long, Ultraman" and starred in the modern medical drama "Children's Hospital Pediatrician". In 2018, he released an original album "Love Yourself" and starred in the period drama "Ashes of Love". He was made the ambassador for the Populus euphratica for the Belt and Road Initiative in September. In December, he starred in the modern drama "Broker". In May 2019, he starred in the period drama "Princess Silver". On July 27th, Luo Yunxi joined hands with the China Green Foundation to launch the One Belt One Road Ecological Restoration Luo Yunxi Fund Special Project for ecological restoration and public welfare along the Belt and Road. In January 2020, Luo Yunxi won the Influential Actor award at the 1st People's Daily Digital Communication and Fusion Screen Ceremony as well as the Heartthrob Actor award at the China Literature Awards Ceremony. On May 28th, the ancient martial arts drama he starred in, "And The Winner Is Love", was broadcasted. In 2020, he starred in the TV series "Love is Sweet".