Huang Xuan
MaleCast1985-03-03177cmChinese Mainland
Huang Xuan is a Chinese actor who graduated from Beijing Dance Academy as a Musical Theater major. In 2007, he played the male lead Ding Jingsheng in the drama film "The Shaft," officially marking his entrance into show business. In 2008, he played Xue Ke in the historical romance drama "Dream of the Red Chamber." In 2009, he acted in the romantic film "Driverless." In 2011, he starred in the spy and war drama "Dark War in the Dawn." Then, he played the role of Hao Dong in the suspenseful thriller "Nightmare" in 2012. In 2013, he played the role of Luo Binji in the drama film "The Golden Era." Huang Xuan starred in the film "Blind Massage" and also won the Improved Actor of the Year award at the China TV Drama Awards with his role in the early republic drama "Red Sorghum." In 2015, he played Huang Xie and Wei Choufu in the historical drama "The Legend of Mi Yue." That same year, he won the Best New Actor award at the 10th Chinese Young Generation Film Forum. In 2016, he led the workplace drama "The Interpreter," which ended up being the rating champion of the year. He also went on to win Best Actor at the 3rd Wenrong Award with his performance in "The Imperial Doctress" that year. In 2017, he won the Favorite Quality Drama Star award at the Television Series of China Quality Ceremony. On March 31, his crime and action film "Extraordinary Mission" premiered on the big screen.