The Wild Blade of Strangers

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Mo Sword Army’s leader Tian Anye defends the country and guards the border, killing countless enemies. However, he is implicated in the power struggle of heir legitimacy in the court and Liang City where he is stationed at is massacred, with three hundred Mo Sword comrades dying tragically. Tian Anye is disheartened and retreats to living in seclusion outside Luoyang City, selling charcoal to make a living. As the new emperor is about to ascend the throne, Tian Anye goes to the city to sell charcoal and accidentally saves a woman and a baby in her arms who are being hunted. Little did they know that the baby is the only flesh and blood of the murdered crown prince. The King of Qi's direct lineage, Yi Feijun, hears the news and shows up. Tian Anye, who had already decided on the trajectory of his remaining life, once again stirs up a storm in Luoyang City.
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