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“War of Faith” is a Republic of China era espionage drama directed by Yao Xiaofeng ("With You") and written by Weng Liangping ("Decisive Victory"). It stars Wang Yibo ("The Untamed"), Li Qin ("The Captain"), and Wang Yang ("The Rebel"). This drama tells the story of Wei Ruolai (played by Wang Yibo), a financial genius who serves as a low-level employee of the Kuomintang Central Bank from 1929 to 1934. He is mentored by the senior advisor Shen Tunan (played by Wang Yang). In troubled times, he is confused and hesitant about the path he should choose. Under the influence of Shen Tunan's sister and Communist Party member Shen Jinzhen (played by Li Qin), he gradually establishes his communist beliefs and grows into a loyal financier who takes the lead in our party’s financial front. This drama will be streaming on iQIYI International (iQ.com).
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