Lost In The KunLun Mountains

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36 Episodes


Adapted from the classic web novel of the same name "Lost in the Kunlun Mountains," this tells the story of the five gates which is entangled between a feud, headed by Tain Guan in the Republic of China period. Ding Yunqi (played by Xu Kai) who returned after studying overseas and the passionate and innocent Wu Shuang (played by Zhong Chuxi) trudge through the fog together; as the only inheritor can open the treasure of Kunlun Mountains, Ding Yunqi becomes the centre of attention of many forces the moment he stepped into Shanghai, it is hard to tell if anyone who approaches him is friend or foe, but there are still many like-minded friends who would do anything to help! The team that explores the Kunlun Mountains is growing day by day.
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