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Youth With You Season 2 English version more infoThe sweet girl JOEY CHUA

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Mandarin ,China's mainland


Kun (Cai Xukun), a popular producer representative, Lisa, a member of Blackpink, Ella, a member of SHE, and Jony J, a rapper, join hands to form teams. The Youth With You series popular all over the world comes again! Choose one girl you like!
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Ep24 Part1 Review the journey of the founding of THE9Ep24 Part2 LISA shed tears for K LuEp23 The center position goes to XIN Liu!Ep22 Part1  LISA's Amazing Cooperative PerformanceEp22 Part2 The Guest Alumni Sing “It's OK” Bringing back MemoryEp21 Part1 The cooperative show blows the atmosphereEp21 Part2 The debut of KUN's new song is amazingEp20 Part1 KUN Announces TOP 1 of the 3rd-time rankingsEp20 Part2 Alicia Solves XIN Liu's PuzzlesEp19 Part1 LISA and Ella give a touching classEp19 Part2 Jing Jin shows up and draws a cheering crowdEp18 Part1 Memories of KUN and TheoEp18 Part2 Can Esther Yu be a group with LISA?Ep17 Part1 Theme assessment public show begins!Ep17 Part2 XIN Liu wows the crow with her "Lion"Ep16 Part1 KUN chokes with sobs as he recalls the pastEp16 Part2 Dark Horse Rising!60 to 35 EliminationEp15 Part1 XIN Liu and Yan Yu's battle makes the crowd screamEp15 Part2 KUN tempted to perform one of the new songsEp14 Part1 Babymonster An and XIN Liu Battle for the CenterEp14 Part2 KUN's appearance is super cuteEp13 Part1 KUN's Dancing TutorialEp13 Part2 Lisa Fascinated by the Sweetness of BabymonsterEp12 Part1 LISA provides careful training onlineEp12 Part2 Kiki Xu gives perfect performanceEp11 Part1 KUN teaches "Ambush from All Sides 2"Ep11 Part2 Fierce group competition!Ep10 Part1 KUN announced the Top 1 trainee!Ep10 Part2 Esther Yu's hot pot mukbangEp9 Part1 KUN Announces First Round RankingsEp9 Part2 The fashion show got the crowd screamingEp8 Part1 KUN choked out the re-rating resultEp8 Part2 LISA becomes a tough mentorEp7 Part1 KUN's "PPAP" evokes memoriesEp7 Part2 LISA teaches Esther Yu to danceEp6 Part1 Jokes about LISA's Changeless Blunt Bangs made her gigglingEp6 Part2 Amazing stage performance of Babymonster An and Snow KongEp5 Part1 Yoga Lin tricked KUN into a cute poseEp5 Part2 LISA taught Kiki Xu to be coolEp4 Part1 LISA's live teaching drew cheersEp4 Part2 KUN announced the position evaluationEp3 Part1 LISA talks about idol power, tears wet her eyesEp3 Part2 Esther Yu's performance on the rating stage stunned KUNEp2 Part1 Fierce battle between contestantsEp2 Part2 The first contestant who gets an A