Jony J
Also Known As: 肖佳
MaleSinger341989-12-28CapricornusChinese Mainland
Jony J, founder of SHOOC STUDIO, an independent record label in Nanjing. With his distinctive style, clear articulation, striking melody and meaningful lyrics, Jony J has been given many titles by his fans, such as "hip-hop poet" and "Virtue Master". He has demonstrated hip-hop skills and his rap lyrics always contain a profound reflection of reality and a true expression of himself between lines. As he said once, the most important thing about hip-hop is to express, so "being yourself" is the core of hip-hop. From his works, we can sense his persistence and passion for music and his profound understanding of life. His representative works include "Don't Guess" and "Money". Jony J is the first Chinese mainland rapper who had a concert at a gym. Apart from holding the nationwide solo tour, he has been invited to various music festivals in recent years. He is bold in music innovation and mature and attractive in stage manner. The mode of "live rap + band performance" is applied to explain the hip-hop music of Jony J.