MaleCast, Singer1998-08-02184cmChinese Mainland
KUN, 184cm in height, was born in Zhejiang province on August 2, 1988. He is a singer, actor and music producer in the Chinese mainland. In April 2012, he participated in the variety show "Up Juniors" and made it to the country's top 200. In August of the same year, he played a role in his first idol drama "Fairytale". In March 2014, he played a role in his first movie "Perfect Fake Wife". He participated in "Idol Producer" produced by iQIYI in January 2018 and made his debut as a central role with 47,640,887 votes on April 6. In the same year, he released his first solo EP "1" on August 2; and won his first solo music award "the most popular and potential male singer" at the 2018 Fresh Asia Music event. On August 23, his solo song "Wait Wait Wait" was released; in December, he was given the title of "best ringtone singer" of the year at the 12th Migu Music Awards event, the "man of the year" award at MAHB Man at His Best Award and the "idol of the year" award at the TouTiao Annual Awards event. In January 2019, he was given the title of "China-Jamaica Friendship Ambassador & China-Jamaica Outstanding Young Leader". In the same year, he made his debut on Beijing TV Spring Festival Gala and created the song "That Spring" in February; his solo song "No Accident" was released on February 18; his "Bigger", a theme song for overseas performance was unveiled on March 22; his solo song "Hard To Get" was released on April 19; his first original digital solo album "YOUNG" was released on July 26. After being launched, "YOUNG" took the first place on the "annual chart, weekly chart, and daily chart" of QQ Digital Album Best Seller and Digital Album Top 1, with the sales of more than 10,000,000 copies. It's the first album certified as Epic Record at the fastest speed, making him the holder of 5 QQ music records. On August 30, he won the title of the best stage performance male singer of China Music Awards 2019 and 2019 Outstanding Chinese Young Singer. On September 7, he won the "popular idol of the year award" at GQ Men of The Year 2019. On October 31, he was given the Fresh Asia 2019 "most influential idol" award. On November 15, his solo song "Rebirth" was released. On December 3, he won the "person of the year award" at the COSMO Glam Night event. On December 5, he took part in singing "Let Dreams Fly", Beijing Winter Olympics promotional song. On December 6, he won the "all-round singer of the year award" at iQIYI Scream Night. On December 8, he served as "youth publicity envoy" at the Second Hainan Island International Film Festival. On December 14, he won the Migu Music Awards "Top 10 Gold Song" for his "YOUNG”, "best ringtone singer of the year", "most charismatic male singer of the year" and "most popular male singer of the year". On December 18, he won the "man of the year" award at "MAHB Man at His Best Award" event. On December 25, he joined "Youth With You 2" as a representative of youth producers. On January 18, 2020, he participated in 2020 Hunan Satellite TV Spring Festival Gala as "a hometown recommender". KUN is enthusiastic in public good and serves as ambassador for disaster reduction for China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation, Arts and Philanthropy Ambassador for UCCA, Ambassador for the Protection of Girls for Spring Bud Project. He has also been active in the public good campaign "Battle Against Poverty" and has worked with China Children and Teenagers' Fund in the "Sunflower Program" charity fund to promote positive energy to the society, winning him a number of honors in public good. He joined "Youth With You 2" as a youth producer representative in 2020.