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Mandarin ,China's mainland


The first reality show on detective stories adapted from classic IP. Every episode is based on a classic IP drama. MCs are able to adapt and act out the classic stories in the real scenes. The detective group includes seven MCs, who are encouraged to obtain clues from the unreasonable scripts and amusing games. Come and find the truth with joy!
Episodes 1-27
  • 1-27
Episodes 1-27
  • 1-27
Surprise update! Yang Zi and Z.TAO recall the pastEpisode 13 (1) Yang Zi portrays Xia Xue, bringing back memoriesEpisode 13 (2) The Detectives' heartwarming help for Zhu ChaoyangEpisode 12 (1) Yang Zi and Jiang Xin act the scenes of Ode To Joy againEpisode 12 (2) Z.TAO wants to show his sharp sight but failsEpisode 11 (1) Sun Honglei reveals his own identity to find the "murderer"Episode 11 (2) Z.TAO and TNT-Song Yaxuan's teamwork in actingEpisode 10 (1) "Daughter" Yang Zi and "Mother" Song Dandan are together againEpisode 10 (2) Sun Honglei and Sha Yi compete to be the most handsome guyEpisode 9 (1) NA YING and Z.TAO are like black holes of the gameEpisode 9 (2) Johnny Huang and Fan Chengcheng mislead each otherEpisode 8 (1) Sha Yi and Tao Hong portray a couple againEpisode 8 (2) Di Yang failed the song guess for the first time and breaks downEpisode 7 (1) NA YING and Yang Zi’s white snake tea partyEpisode 7 (2) Sun Honglei and Z.TAO’s adventure in old houseEpisode 6 (1) Liu Xiao Ling Tong plays Monkey King againEpisode 6 (2) Sun Honglei misled the detectivesEpisode 5 (1) Z.TAO’s Monkey King made Sha Yi cryEpisode 5 (2) NA YING and Yang Zi play mother and daughter in Journey to the WestEpisode 4 (2) Z.TAO and Sha Yi tell the stories in their youthEpisode 4 (1) Sun Honglei and Yang Zi, who is the real Ziwei?Surprise update: Z.TAO was asked profound questionsEpisode 3 (1) Sun Honglei and TNT-Song Yaxuan's beautiful looks in costumeEpisode 3 (2) Z.TAO tries hard to be smartEpisode 2 (1) Huang Zitao's logic makes Na Ying speechlessEpisode 2 (2) The identity of Yang Zi is revealed and everyone is shockedEpisode 1 Sun Honglei and Huang Zitao's foolish battle