Andy Yang
Also Known As: 奥奥, 杨旎奥, 양쯔
FemaleCast, Singer311992-11-06Scorpius167cmChinese Mainland
Andy Yang, born on November 6, 1992 in Beijing, graduated from the undergraduate class of the Acting Department at the Beijing Film Academy in 2010. She is a mainland Chinese film and television actress and pop singer. In 2002, she began to make her mark by starring in the historical emotional drama "Xiaozhuang Epic". In 2004, she was nominated for Best Child Actress at the 12th Tongniu Film Awards for her role in the youth campus comedy film "Girl’s Diary". Subsequently, she became well-known to the audience for her role in the sitcom "Home with Kids". In 2012, she won Best Newcomer at the 14th Golden Phoenix Awards of the China Film Performing Art Academy Society for her suspense thriller film "Insisrence". In 2013, she joined the youth inspirational idol drama "Flowers in Fog". In 2014, she starred in the modern revolutionary epic drama "Battle of Changsha". In 2016, she was nominated for Best Supporting Actress at the 23rd Shanghai TV Festival for her role in the urban workplace female drama “Ode to Joy”. In the same year, she was named one of the "Four Dan Actresses of the post-90s Generation" by Southern Metropolis Daily. In 2017, the legendary Qing Dynasty drama "Legend of Dragon Pearl" she starred in was broadcasted. In the same year, she also starred in the mystery film "Bodies at Rest". In 2018, the mythological period drama "Ashes of Love" she starred in was broadcasted and received a lot of attention. In the same year, she also starred in the e-sports themed TV drama "Go Go Squid!", and later joined the firefighting film "The Bravest". On January 7, 2019, she joined the CCTV Spring Festival Gala for the third time and appeared in the third review of CCTV Spring Festival Gala language programs. On January 15th, Yang Zi confirmed that she was joining the Beijing Television Spring Festival Gala. On February 4th, she participated in the 2019 CCTV Spring Festival Gala and performed the sketch "Zhan Tai" with Shang Daqing, Li Wenqi, Huang Xiaojuan, Tong Dawei, Wang Zijian, Sun Qian, and Li Chuang.