Scarlet Heart

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35 Episodes


In the flourishing modern city, lives a beautiful and smart white-collar beauty named Zhang Xiao (played by Liu Shishi). One day, she gets into a fight with her boyfriend and gets involved in an accident. The accident causes her soul to travel back to the Qing Dynasty, few hundred years away from the era she came from. In the Qing Dynasty, she is a Manchu lady who was born in a noble family named Ma’ertai Ruoxi. It is the 43rd year of Kangxi Era where the country is peaceful. However, the flourishes and prosperities of the country are only deceptions. Kangxi Emperor (played by Liu Songren) has been mapping out strategies his whole life. Now, he is confronted with the most important yet difficult choice, which is to decide his successor. The 4th Prince, Yin Zhen (played by Wu Qilong) is deep and reserved; the 14th Prince, Yinti values affection and personal loyalty yet ambitious; the 8th
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