Summer's Desire

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36 Episodes


Yin Xiamo, who lost both parents at a young age, has her own dream of acting, but she also has the responsibility of her ill brother. She signed with an acting company as a trainee, and subsequently overcame the obstacle of not being able to sing in public in a new talent competition to finish second and got a chance to release a record. The success of her work helped her win the Newcomer of the Year award and brought her to prominence in the industry. Xiamo's acting talent was discovered by Ou Chen, the founder of a game company. He then invites her to the first film and television production by the company to play as the female lead. Xiamo obtained great success by virtue of her acting skills and word of mouth, but in the fierce market competition, Ou Chen's company encountered operational difficulties. On the verge of bankruptcy, Xiamo persevered, and together with Ou Chen they overcome the difficulties, and achieve not only a successful career but also a fruitful love life.
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