Summer Surf Shop more info2020-07-19 Ep3 II: Han Dongjun Met Sudden Accident

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Updated to 2020-09-05
Updated to 2020-09-05


The coolest and most refreshing variety show of the year is coming! Guests of flourishing youth and the most authentic surfing culture will take you to enjoy a “surfing slow life” in summer time! Let’s Sacalaca!
Episodes 1-21
  • 1-21
Episodes 1-21
  • 1-21
Ep1 Wang Yibo is surprised to appear in the Surf ShopEp2 Wang Yibo rode water scooter excitedly.Ep3 I: Wang Yibo and Zhong Chuxi Surfed with Special DressingEp3 II: Han Dongjun Met Sudden AccidentEp4 I: Justin provides a wide range of servicesEp4 II: The Surf Shop found an evasion of order in the first time of operationEp5 Part 1 Huang Xuan and Elvis Han have a dispute.Ep5 Part 2 Summer is coming energeticallyEp6 Part I Justin serves as the manager for one day. Ep6 Part II Summer Momoko practices surfing hard. Ep 7 part 1 Summer Surf Shop holds a seaside concertEp 7 part 2 Justin is skilled at shoot作废2020082202Ep8 Part 1 Armored girl Chen Yao and Kuan-Hung couple up in the same camera Ep8 Part2 Elvis Han and Kuan-Hung battle it out in masculine charmEpisode 9 Part 1 Xiaotang Zhao's Good at Selling ProductsEpisode 9 Part 2 Countrified tutti of the new girl groupEpisode 10 Part 1, Xiaotang Zhao praised Wang Yibo very handsomeEpisode 10 Part 2, Summer Surf Shop has ended warmly