Episode 10 Part 2, Summer Surf Shop has ended warmlyEpisode 10 Part 1, Xiaotang Zhao praised Wang Yibo very handsomeEpisode 9 Part 2 Countrified tutti of the new girl groupEpisode 9 Part 1 Xiaotang Zhao’s Good at Selling ProductsEp8 Part2 Elvis Han and Kuan-Hung battle it out in masculine charmEp8 Part 1 Armored girl Chen Yao and Kuan-Hung couple up in the same camera Ep 7 part 2 Justin is skilled at shootEp 7 part 1 Summer Surf Shop holds a seaside concertEp6 Part II Summer Momoko practices surfing hard. Ep6 Part I Justin serves as the manager for one day. Ep5 Part 2 Summer is coming energeticallyEp5 Part 1 Huang Xuan and Elvis Han have a dispute.Ep4 II: The Surf Shop found an evasion of order in the first time of operationEp4 I: Justin provides a wide range of servicesEp3 II: Han Dongjun Met Sudden AccidentEp3 I: Wang Yibo and Zhong Chuxi Surfed with Special DressingEp2 Wang Yibo rode water scooter excitedly.Ep1 Wang Yibo is surprised to appear in the Surf Shop

Summer Surf Shop

RegionChinese Mainland
TypeReality ShowsiQIYI Presents
HostJia Mao
DescriptionThe coolest and most refreshing variety show of the year is coming! Guests of flourishing youth and the most authentic surfing culture will take you to enjoy a “surfing slow life” in summer time! Let’s Sacalaca!

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