The Destiny of White Snake

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61 Episodes
Chinese MainlandFantasyYouthCostumeMandarin


The white snake Bai Yaoyao firstly turned into the human body and was ignorant about everything. Zixuan who was cultivating himself to become an immortal didn’t understand love but fell in love with Bai. After suffering part forever, Zixuan became Xu Xuan, master of the pharmacist palace, in his reincarnation. He met Bai Yaoyao in the Peach Flower Festival. After suffering a lot, the two were finally together. In order to save Xu Xuan, Bai Yaoyao stole the herb and violated the laws of God in heaven. After recovery, Xu Xuan remembered the past and saved Yaoyao. The junior was jealous of Bai Yaoyao, so she caused the birth of the flood dragon to harm the human world. For self-salvation, Bai Yaoyao was stuck in Leifeng Pagoda by Qi Xiao, Xu Xuan was too sorrowful…
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