Liu Xue Yi
MaleCast331990-07-06Cancer70kg183cmChinese Mainland
Liu Xue Yi, born on July 6, 1990 in Qingdao, Shandong, is a mainland Chinese actor who graduated from the Acting Department of the Central Academy of Drama. His main works include "The Destiny of White Snake", "The List Tomb 2: Explore with the Note", "Noble Aspirations", and so on. In 2013, he officially debuted in the period drama "Shangguan Wan'er". In 2014, he appeared in the emotional drama "Paper Restaurant". In 2015, he starred in the period drama "The Legend Xiao Zhuang". In January 2016, he starred in the fantasy romance film "Ice Beauty". In July, he played the role of Xiao Yicai, the eldest disciple of Qingyun Sect, in the fantasy period drama "Noble Aspirations", and became well-known to the audience. In August, he starred as Wu Yingqi in the legendary Qing Dynasty drama "Legend of Dragon Pearl". In 2017, he participated in the unique web variety show "Jin Ye You Ju Du". In the same year, he played the roles of the Demon Emperor who cut through the wilderness and the Heavenly Emperor in the youth mythological drama "The Destiny of White Snake". In April, he played Lin Xiaozhuang in the espionage drama "Autumn Cicada". In September, he played the role of Shang Dynasty Crown Prince Yin Jiao in the youth hot-blooded mythological IP drama "Feng Shen Zhi Tian Qi". In February 2019, he joined the Eastern mythological Xianxia blockbuster series "Love and Redemption" and played the roles of Haochen and Emperor Lord Bai Lin. In June of the same year, he played the role Xie Yu Chen in the multiple-season drama "The Lost Tomb 2: Explore With the Note".