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“A Moment but Forever” is a Xianxia romance drama directed by Guo Hu (“Immortal Samsara”). The main leads include Tang Yan (“Chinese Paladin 3”) and Liu Xueyi (“Love and Redemption”). This series is adapted from Shi Si Lang’s novel “Unparalleled in the World”. In order to retrieve Heavenly Realm’s treasure, Goddess Wu Shuang who descends to earth to assassinate Yuan Zhong, the high priest of Youhu Clan. In the process, Wu Shuang discovers other secrets, and the two fall in love and join hands to save the world. In the war between gods and demons, the artifact "God's Left Hand" that Heavenly God Taihe uses to seal the demon is cut off and falls to Mortal Realm. Taihe and the other gods fall into an eternal slumber and Mortal Realm hasn’t had a miracle ever since. The Warring Ghost Clan’s uprising triggers a war but is defeated by Youhu Clan’s Yuan Zhong, who gets hold of “God’s Left Hand. Ushering in a new era of prosperity, Youhu Clan becomes Mortal Realm’s gods. Entrusted by Heavenly Realm to get back “God’s Left Hand”, Goddess Wu Shuang (played by Tang Yan) enters the Youhu Clan as a personal maid of Yuan Zhong (played by Liu Xueyi). Yuan Zhong doesn’t resist with “God’s Left Hand” and his clansmen isolate and slander him. Sympathetic, Wu Shuang decides to help him remove the seal so that he can be happy. But Yuan Zhong has his own motive- to break free of the seal and destroy the world. The Warring Ghost Clan’s return causes panic within Youhu Clan. Yuan Zhong takes the chance to go down the mountain to remove the seal. But on the way, he is healed by Wu Shuang. The two of them express their feelings to each other and fall in love. But the villain takes advantage of the male lead’s feelings, causing him to break the God’s Hand, and also traps Wu Shuang. In the end, Yuan Zhong rescues Wu Shuang and the two work together to defeat Han Nü, restoring order in the world. This drama will be streaming exclusively on iQIYI International (iQ.com).
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