Story of Yanxi Palace

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70 Episodes
Chinese MainlandDramaCostumeMandarinAncientNovel Adaptation


Young Wei Ying Luo (Wu Jinyan) enters the royal court with other young ladies. Ying Luo is beautiful, intelligent and pure. But, her motive to enter the palace is different from other young ladies. As her sister was murdered, she decides to enter the Forbidden City to find the murderer. She suspects the brother of the Emperor, Fu Heng (Xu Kai) and tries to get close to him. After resolving the misunderstanding, Ying Luo realises that she fell in love with him. Empress Fuca admires Ying Luo’s intelligence, so she transfers Ying Luo to be her maid and mentors her. When one enters the Forbidden City, one can never leave. To be bedded by the Emperor (Nie Yuan), his harem schemes to eliminate each other. In the Forbidden City which is a place with harsh rules, Ying Luo has to fight back in order to protect herself. She starts to gain the Emperor’s affection as both spend more time together.
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