Lawrence Wong
MaleCast, SingerSingapore
Lawrence Wong is a Singaporean actor and singer. He has a lot of experience in several areas in the entertainment industry. From modeling, acting in dramas, movies, and theater, to hosting, he has already made a name for himself in the Singaporean entertainment industry. With his handsome looks, elegant aura, and refreshing image, he has also been active in the fashion industry. Other than invitations to do photo shoots for magazine covers and their inner pages, he has also attended many brand promotional events and served as their promotional ambassadors. In 2010, Lawrence turned to the Malaysian industry and filmed "Tribulations of Life." After that, he was active in the entertainment industries of both countries and continued to film several dramas and host shows. In 2013, he was selected as NTV7's Top 10 most recommended Malaysian artists. In addition, his entertainment career expanded to the music industry as he started singing that year as well, proactively adding another brilliant record to his entertainment résumé.