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Sun Xin is brave and daring, while Sun Xiang is gentle and kind-hearted. Sun Xin is beautiful and elegant, pursuing freedom and willing to work hard. Sun Xiang, on the other hand, is simple and kind, loves to talk and laugh. Their different personalities lead them to very different life paths. Sun Xin's career takes off in an internet company, experiencing great success, while Sun Xiang discovers her own talents as a food blogger, leading a simple yet flavorful life. From 2012 to 2020, their lives gradually improve despite facing various challenges. They remain confident in the future, knowing that life has its ups and downs. Happiness, peace, and hard work are the essence of life. Family is the smallest country, while the country is made up of millions of families like Sun's, where ordinary people work hard and pursue their dreams, making society vibrant and prosperous. This is why the concept of a "moderately prosperous society" has become a reality for the Chinese people.
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