Yes, I Do season 2 more info2020-06-10 Ep6 Part1 Yi Sha urges Wenhan Li to get married

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Come to the sweet love! Yes, I Do! The romantic reality show gives you a more fantastic experience. The star observer, Wenhan Li and Nazha analyze relationship for you. Can young ones on the show find their perfect match?
Episodes 1-24
  • 1-24
Episodes 1-24
  • 1-24
Special edition: Wenhan Li joins the family to witness others' loveEp1 Yi Sha and Wenhan Li discuss the cradle snatcherEp2 Part1 Wenhan Li bluntly stated that Naomi held prejudicesEp2 Part 2 Potent Man stayed in the hutEp3 Part1 Wenhan Li tells about his ideal mateEp3 Part2 Qing Wang participates in the ONE-DAY DATING TV showEp4 Part1 Yi Shi enters into a polyamorous relationshipEp4 Part2 Wenhan Li gets worried about Meng HanEp5 Part1 Gulnazar's confession was rejectedEp5 Part2 Meng Han dated with Yi ShiEp6 Part1 Yi Sha urges Wenhan Li to get marriedEp6 Part2 Qing Wang teaches Jianxing Ma to sing "Starry Mood"Ep7 Part1 Gulnazar shows her girl powerEp7 Part2 Zhichen Wang and Yi Shi ask Zhu Wen outEp8 Part1 Wenhan Li is nicknamed Guihua LiEp8 Part2 Ya Cong cries when Yi Shi expresses love to Zhu WenEp9 Part1 Naomi states that she has ever been cheated on Ep9 Part2 Meng Han and Zhichen Wang have a sweet hugEp10 Part1 Yi Sha talks about the love between star and ordinary peopleEp10 Part2 Qing Wang and Jianxing Ma cry over a crisisEp11Zhang Shaogang expressed bluntly jealousy of Sa Ep11Han Meng confessed love to Wang ZhichenEp12 Song mingshen and Xiong Xiaoyu showed sweet affection while dating Ep12 Gulnazar talked about her family of origin