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Mandarin ,China's mainland


Born to Dance is a dance competition reality show with a focus on young female dancers. It adopts the training and selection processes for professional dancers in the real world. In this show, aspiring dancers from all backgrounds and different dance types will compete against each other for opportunities to become star dancers.
Episodes 1-24
  • 1-24
Episodes 1-24
  • 1-24
Ep12 Part 1: Amazing Mentors and Guests at the Final CompetitionEp12 Part 2: Heated Dance Cyphers: Who Will Perform on the Final StageEP11 Part1 A Talent Show on the Graduation NightEP11 Part2 Joyful Tears before the Finale BattlesEp10 Part 1: The Result Is Out: Who Will Lead the Bonus Stage?Ep10 Part 2: Mentors and Seniors Shine Bright on the Bonus StageEP09 Part1 Adam's Surprise Visit to the StudioEP09 Part2 Tangtang Rises from the Bottom with a West Coast Style Chair DanceEP08 Part1 Zoey Portrays a Famous Character Written by Eileen ChangEP08 Part2 Tong Liya Sheds Tears Watching Heart-touching Dance FilmsEp07 Part 1 Luo Yizhou's Second Collab Stage Is AmazingEp07 Part 2 The Battle for the Lead Starts With the Clip ChallengeEP06 Part1 Kiki Xu Shows Amazing Scorpion-like Moves in Dunhuang DanceEP06 Part2 William Chan Recreates Classic Michael Jackson DanceEp5 Part1 Siriya Performs Ambush on All Sides in Traditional Chinese GownEp5 Part2 William Chan and Kiki Xu Join the Second Collab Stage as Special GuestsEP04 Part1 Guest Mentors Tang Shiyi and Xie Xin Assess the Lead-Understudy DuelEP04 Part2 Gina Sets the Stage on Fire with a Bowl DanceEP03 Part 1 Meng Meiqi compliments Rena on being high-classEP03 Part 2 The Mentors repick the leading dancersEp02 Part 1 Meng Meiqi Tries Adorable J-pop DanceEP02 Part 2 Gina Cries When DaFanFan Reproduces a Classic DanceEp01 Part 1: Stunning First Stage Performances of the MentorsEp01 Part 2: Luo Yizhou's Split Leap Makes the Crowd Go Wild