Lucky's First Love

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RegionChina Mainland
TypeRomanceCommercial WarLoveCityYouthIdol
DirectorChen Shi Yi
CastXing Zhao LinBai Luzhai zi luChenHaolanLiu SIyuan,Liu Ruo YanHuang Ji Dong
Description24-year-old “adorkable”Xing Yun spends her days working for mobile gaming company TIG, dreaming of becoming a game designer. When the company announces an open audition for aspiring game managers, Xing quickly signs up, but soon finds her ambitions put in check. The trouble is, the challenge involves designing a game with a love theme, something TIGs’ president Xia Ke convinces a permanently-single person like her wouldn’t understand. Undismayed, Xing decides to try her luck at blind dating. Just then, Xia Ke unexpectedly realizes his love for her too.

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