The Science of Falling in Love

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At the prestigious Southeast University of Science and Technology, where the male to female ratio is as high as seven to one, Su Chengcheng, a student in the field of biomedical engineering, has never been in a relationship. One day, a series of strange and miraculous encounters occurred between her and the "research god" Xiao Yuhe. In a moment of impulsiveness, Su Chengcheng confessed her feelings to him, saying "I like you." Unexpectedly, this led her to the top laboratory in the field of brain-machine interfaces, the Brain and Intelligence Laboratory, where she began to use scientific methods such as neuroscience, neurology, and psychology to verify her "love." However, in what should have been a sweet romantic experiment, Su Chengcheng discovered that Xiao Yuhe was full of "malice." While struggling to survive in the laboratory, Su Chengcheng also embarked on a funny and romantic journey with the "weird" academic geniuses in the laboratory.
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