Wu Jia Yi
FemaleCast1995-12-01166cmChinese Mainland
Wu Jia Yi, born on December 1st, 1995, is an actress from Mainland China. She graduated from the acting department of the Central Academy of Drama, Class of 2013. In September 2014, she starred in the inspirational movie "Gan Lu." In October 2015, she starred in the film "The Wind Uprise" and won the Outstanding Supporting Actress award at the 3rd Asia Microfilm Art Festival. In January 2016, she played the role of Ah Xiang in the comedy film "Out of Ordinary." In June of the same year, she appeared in the fantasy drama "Demon Girl II" and starred as the independent pilot of the drama. In September of the same year, she played the role of Yi Jiang in "Zhaoge." In January 2017, she appeared in the drama "Untouchable Lovers" as Qing Yue. In March of the same year, she appeared as Du Du in the modern drama "Full House of Happiness." In July 2017, she played Xiao Longnu in "Heroic Journey of Nezha."