The Long Ballad

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49 Episodes
Chinese MainlandAdventureRomanceDramaFriendshipCostumeMandarin


In the ninth year of Tang Wude, the inner court changed. Li Chang'ge, the daughter of the former prince, escaped and went to Youzhou for help. On the way, Chang'ge ran into the grassland troop leader, Ashilei Sun. The two did not know each other, and gradually developed a sense of heroism. Chang'ge smashed a conspiracy in Youzhou, and at the same time revealed his identity, and went to Shuozhou to avoid disaster. She hid beside Gongsun Heng, the leader of Shuozhou, to help him resist the invasion of grassland forces, but she did not expect that the enemy general was actually an old acquaintance Qin Zhun. Changge was shocked and distressed, and resisted the general. However, the isolated city of Shuozhou finally fell. For the sake of the overall situation, Chang'ge was willing to become a prisoner of war and was taken to the grassland, but unexpectedly she learned that the Great Khan had other ambitions. Chang'ge decides to set aside his personal grudge for now and risk his life to break the situation. However, he was caught in a deadlock. Chang'ge went into exile. After experiencing the troubled times, she gradually understood the truth that the nobles are invincible, and finally let go of personal grievances completely. After discovering that the former Sui forces were behind the incident, Chang'ge and Sun joined forces to protect the peace between the Great Tang and the grassland. The two finally recognized their feelings for each other and joined hands in the crisis.
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