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Leo, born on December 26, 1999 in Shanghai, is a mainland Chinese actor. In 2005, he entered the entertainment industry by starring in his first TV series "The Legend and the Hero". In 2009, he became known to the audience for his role as Tang Buku in the comedy series "Jia You Wai Xing Ren". In 2011, the situational drama "Mo’s Mischief" he played the main lead in, won the second place for children's TV dramas at the 28th Flying Apsaras Award. In 2012, he gained more attention for his role as the "the real man" in "Little Heroes, Young Heroes". In 2014, he was hailed as a "positive youth idol" for his role as "Little Yang Guo" in the official version of "The Romance of the Condor Heroes". In 2015, he served as the captain of the Tiantuan team on the variety show "Smart 7"; In the same year, he played the main lead in the web series "Pal Inn" and endorsed the mobile game of the same name; In September, he received praise again for his role as "Fei Liu" in the historical drama "Nirvana in Fire"; Later, he played the main lead in the 3D fantasy film "Into the Rainbow". In March 2016, he played the main lead in the TV series "Magic Star" and the film "Ne Zha"; In June of the same year, he filmed for his role of Hu Yifeng for the second season of "Whirlwind Girls"; On July 8th, he participated in the filming of the film "Asura" and served as the main lead. On January 16, 2017, he participated in the filming of the TV series "Battle Through The Heavens" and played Xiao Yan.