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"The Demon Hunter's Romance" is a thrilling and supernatural romantic TV drama directed by Lin Yufen ("Eternal Love"). It stars Ren Jialun ("Under the Power") and Song Zu'er ("The Bond") in the leading roles. The series is based on the novel "Ban Xia" by Banming Banmei and tells the romantic love story of Xuan Ye, a mysterious demon hunter, and Ban Xia, a young girl. Together, they navigate a world where humans and demons coexist and embark on thrilling and mysterious adventures. In the bustling city of Guangping, humans and demons live side by side, with demons skilled at concealing their true forms by disguising themselves as humans. Ban Xia (played by Song Zu'er), a wealthy young woman, possesses a pair of peculiar eyes that can see through the illusions of these creatures. Despite her efforts to conform and be obedient, she is often labeled as "crazy" behind her back due to her ability. When she uncovers the secret that her sister-in-law is a demon, she becomes the target of pursuit and crosses paths with Xuan Ye (played by Ren Jialun), a demon hunter. With a gentle kiss, Xuan Ye allows Ban Xia to fully see the world where humans and demons coexist. Together, they investigate various strange incidents in Guangping City, such as the healing power of the Biyu Pear, the Nine Lives Cat, the Guangping Spring Dawn Painting, and the Cycle of Rebirth, and their relationship grows increasingly intimate. However, Xuan Ye carries a secret that repeatedly pushes Ban Xia away, as he gradually discovers the possibility that he himself may also be a demon. The drama will be available for online streaming on iQiyi International (iq.com).
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