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"My Special Girl" is an ancient costume drama directed by Fu Cexin ("Ordinary Greatness"). It stars Wallace Chung ("Continent") and Yuan Bingyan ("Love and Redemption") in the leading roles. The series is adapted from the original novel "Who Dares to Touch the King's Woman" by Nian Hua Re Xiao. It tells the story of Jiu Zhuangye, the "God of War" and ruler of the world, and Ai Qinghuan, an intern doctor from a parallel time and space. They become entangled in a dangerous and passionate love-hate relationship. Jiu Zhuangye is a strategist with limited time to live. He is also the leader of Tianzun Sect, a mysterious martial arts sect. Ai Qinghuan is the legitimate daughter of the Feng family, disguising herself as a fool to protect herself. She is a modern-day medical genius with mature and intelligent qualities. With ever-changing identities, the characters navigate the political intrigue of the court, the free-spirited life of the rivers and lakes, and the brutal nature of the battlefield. The story intertwines themes of patriotism and sacrifice with intense romantic elements. The series will be available for online streaming on iQIYI International (iQ.com).
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