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"Nothing But You" is a drama costarring Wu Lei and Zhou Dongyu, along with Jiang Peiyao, Zhu Yongteng, Zhang Tao, and more. This tells the story of badminton player Song Sanchuan who converts into Tennis, and Liang You'an, who sets out to try a new career path for herself. Song Sanchuan, a badminton player who is used to benching, befriends Liang Youan, who is in a bottleneck in her life. At her invitation, he joins a grass-roots tennis club. A fairly older player who's converting from badminton to tennis, a club manager who is about to become a monk, and teammates who work together to overcome difficulties come together to fight side by side to create a remarkable professional club, and also open up their own second life. In the process, Song Sanchuan and Liang Youan gradually develop a love for each other, but also face conflicts from the differences in their values and experience. As the club continues to develop, the two surpass themselves in dealing with challenges again and again, and eventually reap the benefits of new professional growth and a beautiful love for each other.
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