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Updated to 2021-08-27
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As the title implies, Mr. Housework focuses on housework, the most common issue among husbands and wives, parents and children, roommates, and other typical social relationships. The show revolves around real-life situations and explores the truth in life. Taking the form of an observational documentary, Mr. Housework captures all the fun, awkward, and insightful moments of men doing housework while discussing social relationships, interactions, and responsibilities, among other everyday wisdom. Through all the insightful and emotional moments, we get to realize the beauty of life. Mr. Housework aims to show the wider audience a positive attitude toward life and family by putting gender equality and collaboration at its core. It reshapes men's roles in families and helps them take a deeper look at responsibilities. In a word, Mr. Housework is a show about the ideal life.
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Episodes 1-24