Kiki Xu
FemaleSinger1995-08-27170cmChinese Mainland
Kiki, born in Zhejiang province on August 27, 1995, is a female pop singer and actress in the Chinese mainland. She is a member of the girl group "7SENSES", a member of "THE9" and a signed artist of STAR48. She joined SNH48 in 2012. On July 26, 2014, she took the 8th place in the first election of SNH48. On April 7, 2017, she made her debut as a member of 7SENSES, a sub-unit of SNH48. On November 15, she went to South Korea with 7SENSES to attend the "2017 Asia Artist Awards" and was given the "AAA Best Star Award". On that evening, she personally took the 7th place on South Korea's social media Kakaotalk. On June 25, 2018, she played a role in "Legend of Yun Xi", which was released on iQIYI. She played Chu Qingge, Xiqiu's Princess who was arranged for a peace marriage. On July 28, she ranked the 7th in the fifth election of SNH48. On July 29, she participated in the filming of "Parallel Lost", a criminal investigation and love suspense TV drama. She played the female lead role of Liang Xue in the drama. On August 30, she went to South Korea with 7SENSES to attend 2018 SORIBADA BEST K-MUSIC AWARDS and won "The Global Entertainer Awards". On March 9, 2019, "Comic Girl Squad", an online youth-themed fantasy movie starring Kiki was launched. On July 27 of the same year, she took the 7th place in the 6th final election of SNH48. On January 15, 2020, she announced her joining in "Youth With You 2", an inspirational variety show produced by iQIYI and joined THE9. She also played Fu Xuan in the TV drama "The Blooms At Ruyi Pavilion".