Love is an Accident (Vietnamese ver.)

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32 Episodes


“Love is an Accident” is a period romance idol drama directed by Li Yulei (“Unforgettable Love”). The main leads include Xu Kaicheng (“Ordinary Greatness”) and Xing Fei (“Put Your Head on my Shoulder”). The dramatic Li Chuyue (played by Xing Fei) unexpectedly enters the No.1 villa in the martial world, "Yunwei Mountain Villa". Misidentified by the young master of the villa An Jingzhao (played by Xu Kaicheng) as an assassin, she almost dies, but in the crucial moment, she escapes by relying on her social instincts. But she is then forced to act as an unmarried couple with An Jingzhao as a cover up. Making the best of a bad bargain, Li Chuyue gradually adapts to life in the villa. Although she avoids the cunning young master like the plague, she unexpectedly saves An Jingzhao in a time of distress, which tugs at his heartstrings. But the romantic pursuit turns out to be tumultuous, with not only love rivals around, but also an urgent crisis that requires immediate attention. The two of them gradually develops feelings for each other as they work together to cope with the crisis in the villa, while the evil mastermind behind the scenes gradually surfaces… This drama will be streaming on iQIYI International (iq.com).
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