Xu Kaicheng
MaleCast, Model1990-08-08187cm
Xu Kaicheng, born in Shanghai on August 8th, 1990, is a Chinese actor and model. He graduated from Shanghai Theatre Academy in 2007, majoring in ballet. In 2012, he first appeared in the TV series "The Queen of SOP 2" and officially entered the entertainment industry. In 2013, he acted in the fashion love idol drama "If I Love You." In August 2014, he participated in the reality show "Super Mr." on Anhui TV. In October, he participated in the outdoor reality show "Invisible Life" on Zhejiang TV. In February 2015, he starred in the web drama "The Backlight of Love." In April, he starred in the campus idol weekly drama "Campus Belle." In August, he starred in the youth idol drama "Moon River." In February 2016, his drama "The Lover's Lies" was broadcasted on Zhejiang TV, where he played the role of Doctor Tong Xiaoqiu.