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The Lu drama "Love At Night" (2021) tells the story of a white-collar Xu Qingyou (played by Zhang Yuxi) and an elite Mo Lingze (played by Liu Xueyi) from the time they first met to the time they worked together to when they resolve company crisis together. Overcoming the twists and turns and difficulties, they find a new side of themselves and fall in love with each other in the modern drama. Xu Qingyou, an independent and honest working woman, has a well-known lawyer boyfriend whom she has dated for many years. As the two are able to get married, Xu Qingyou find out that her boyfriend is cheating. The collapse of feelings that has lasted all these years has left Xu Qingyou in a daze. By chance, Xu Qingyou met Mo Lingze, a shrewd and decisive investment banker, whose fast, accurate, and ruthless outlook on love overturned Xu Qingyou's step-by-step, standardized life. On one side is a strong but tender care, on the other side is the ex's desperate pleads to come back. Will Xu Qingyou jump out of her comfort zone and restart her own life, choosing a relationship that is not favored by everyone? Chinese drama "Darkness in the Night" starring Zhang Yuxi ("Stand by Me", "Love and Redemption") and Liu Xueyi ("Ancient Love Poetry", "Noble Aspirations") still start broadcasting on iQIYI's international platform (iq.com) starting November 9.
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