Sandrine Pinna
Sandrine Pinna is an actress of Sino-French mixed blood who is from Taiwan. In 1997, Sandrine debuted as a child star. In 2000, she filmed her first movie, "Fluffy Rhapsody." That same year, she was also nominated for Best Host at the Golden Bell Awards for the children's show "Treasure Notebook." In 2002, she played a role in the movie "Drop Me a Cat" and filmed the movie "Do Over" in 2006. In 2008, Sandrine was nominated for Best Actress at the 45th Golden Horse Awards for the romantic film "Miao Miao." In 2009, she became a double-awarded Best Actress after her wins at the 53rd Asia-Pacific Film Festival and 11th Taipei Film Awards for her role in the literary film "Yang Yang." She went on to win Best Actress again at the 14th Taipei Film Awards in 2012 for the motivational film "Touch of the Light." In February 2013, she registered for marriage with Jeremy Ji, a singer from Taiwan. The two welcomed a daughter in August of the same year. In 2014, Sandrine was nominated for Best Actress at the 49th Golden Bell Awards in Taiwan for her role in the romantic drama "Amour et Pâtisserie." In 2015, she led the romance film "Cities in Love." In December 2016, the drama film "See You Tomorrow," in which she had a role, premiered all across the nation.