Also Known As: 以纶, 왕이륜
MaleCast, Singer281996-03-18Pisces182cmCanada
Wang Yi Lun, Riley, born March 18th, 1996, is a Chinese Canadian actor and singer from Taiwan and a former member of the Taiwanese boy group, SpeXial. On January 14th, 2015, he officially debuted as the third member of SpeXial and released the albums "Love Killah," "Dangerous," and "Boyz On Fire" and more. On December 8th, he participated in Hunan TV's "Day Day Up" variety program and was one of the hosts of the program's revamped lineup. In 2016, he starred in the web movie "The Realm of the Immortals" and "The Prequel of Magical Brush" film series, in addition to appearing in films and dramas such as "Long For You," "Attention, Love!," "Private Shushan Gakuen," and "I Hear You."