Rachel Momo,MOMO
Also Known As: 晓彤, MoMo, 彤宝, 彤儿, 毛毛
FemaleCast361988-02-16Aquarius45kg165cmChinese Mainland
Rachel Momo, born in Tianjin on February 16th, 1988, is a Chinese actress. She graduated from the Central Academy of Drama. In 2009, she appeared in her first TV series "Detective". In 2011, she appeared in the family drama "Silly Youth" and the period Qing Dynasty drama "Empresses in the Palace". In 2012, she starred in the role of Nangong Ling in the ancient martial arts drama "The Magic Blade" and was shortlisted for the Best Newcomer Award in the 3rd LeTV Film & TV Awards for this drama. In 2013, she starred in Yu Zheng's "The Romance of the Condor Heroes" and Lai Shuiqing's version of "The Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils", as well as the TV series "Love Yunge from the Desert", adapted from Tong Hua's novel "Song in the Clouds".